Home Astrology Aquarius Soulmate - Which Zodiacs Make the Best Partners for Aquarius Zodiac Sign?

Aquarius Soulmate - Which Zodiacs Make the Best Partners for Aquarius Zodiac Sign?

07 Sep, 2023 by Parita Soni

Aquarius Soulmate - Which Zodiacs Make the Best Partners for Aquarius Zodiac Sign?

07 Sep, 2023 by Parita Soni

Astrology tells us how each zodiac sign is different, owing to their distinct traits, appearance, nature, likes, dislikes, and other factors. It also helps one to ascertain how compatible the natives of the two zodiacs are in marriage. In this blog, we shall consider the Zodiac Sign Aquarius and know who’s Aquarius soulmate, or say, the probable perfect matches that help these natives lead a fascinating journey in life. 

Before we learn about the signs that can be Aquarius' soulmate, let us understand the zodiac Aquarius. 

About Aquarius Soulmate

Born between January 20 and February 18, the Zodiac Sign Aquarius, having the element of air, is ruled by the planet Uranus. The natives born under this sign are independent, free-spirited, and unconventional. You will find them to be the visionaries who appreciate freedom and are known for their humanitarian spirit.

The Aquarius soulmate zodiac sign has the ability to envisage the bigger picture, which makes them incredible problem solvers and also progressive. They are revolutionaries and not afraid to challenge any situation. As Aquarians are open-minded and progressive, they are known to be the trendsetters of their time.

So, how does their personality impact their love and relationships? First, let us look at the table that shows the compatibility of Aquarius' soulmate sign with other Zodiacs. Next, we shall delve into detail and learn about the best life partner for Aquarius.

Aquarius vs. Other Zodiacs

Compatibility of Aquarius Soulmate Sign with Other Signs

Aquarius vs Aries


Aquarius vs Taurus


Aquarius vs Gemini 


Aquarius vs Cancer 


Aquarius vs Leo 


Aquarius vs Virgo 


Aquarius vs Libra


Aquarius vs Scorpio


Aquarius vs Sagittarius


Aquarius vs Capricorn


Aquarius vs Aquarius


Aquarius vs Pisces


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Zodiacs that Make the Best Soulmate for Aquarius


Also an air sign, Gemini stands out as the best life partner for Aquarius. Both zodiacs share a naturally intellectual affinity and passion for fostering conversations. Gemini and Aquarius soulmate zodiac signs value independence and freedom in a relationship and hence can give each other space when needed. These are curious beings and like to explore. Hence, they often get involved in experiencing new adventures. The adaptability of Geminis and the innovative spirit of Aquarius form a vibrant alliance where each supports the ideas and dreams of the other. Together, the Gemini and Aquarius life partners can brainstorm, effectively communicate, and bring innovation to their relationship.

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The air sign ruled by Venus, Libras are yet another being who can be the best life partner for Aquarius. You will witness both these signs valuing balance and harmony in lives and holding a mutual interest in aesthetics and art, which can help to form a beautifully creative partnership. The diplomatic personality of the Libra meets the idealism of Aquarius and forms a union focused on righteousness and equality. When Libra is Aquarius' life partner, the ability of the Librans to compromise and scrutinize all possible sides of an issue eases any tensions rising in their relationship. The Aquarius soulmate sign appreciates the social charm and grace of the Librans, while the latter admires the individuality and uniqueness of the Aquarius. When both these natives work together, a lasting, loving, and intellectually compelling relationship gets formed. 

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A vibrant and powerful relationship can be created when the fire sign Aries and air sign Aquarius become soulmates. The natives of Aries are passionate and enthusiastic and support the dreams and innovative ideas of their Aquarius life partner. In turn, the latter helps the Aries to think before doing anything by adding a pinch of rationality to their impulsive behavior. Moreover, both these signs hold a shared interest in adventure and taking risks, which makes their relationship thrilling and unforeseen. The boldness of the Aries and the creativity of the Aquarius can help one witness remarkable experiences and innovative projects. An ideal balance of togetherness and individuality gets achieved when the Aries and Aquarius soulmates respect the independence of each other.

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The fire sign Sagittarius can be the best soulmate for Aquarius owing to their mutual traits. Sagittarius and Aquarius zodiac soulmates have a powerful urge to be adventurous and independent and inspire one another to explore new horizons. The optimistic attitude of the Sagittarius complements the progressive outlook of the Aquarius and creates a relationship loaded with hope and excitement. Moreover, both signs are open-minded and relish intellectual talks and debates. Sagittarians are often tagged as travelers and explorers, and these qualities align well with the desire to break boundaries and uncover new outlooks of the Aquarius. They also possess a shared sense of humor and hunger for knowledge, which makes their partnership romantic and intellectually stimulating.

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The best soulmate for Aquarius is Aquarius, as the same traits and qualities help these natives to understand each other like none. You will find them unique in their own way, and even their differences too compatible. The Aquarius soulmates do not achieve the stagnation mode even when they share the same interests. A wonderful aspect of this relationship is that each partner can keep their individuality intact despite being together. The Aquarius zodiac soulmates can collaborate to turn their desire to change the world with exceptional ideas into reality. The Man and Woman Aquarius soulmates can thus be exemplary and commit to each other in a long, everlasting relationship.

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Wrapping Up

As learned above about whos Aquarius soulmate with whom they share the best compatibility, one must also consider matching their individual horoscopes by expert astrologers. If Aquarius zodiac soulmates bear understanding, respect, and shared vision, they can create a successful bond with other signs as well. Remember, be it an Aquarius man soulmate or an Aquarius woman soulmate, trust, communication, and an honest bond keeps a relationship going. Lastly, keep in mind that Aquarius' soulmates are someone who embrace their unique qualities, support their dreams, and share in their adventurous spirit.

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