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Aquarius Best And Worst Matches For Marriage

21 Aug, 2021 by Sonu Saraf

Aquarius Best And Worst Matches For Marriage

21 Aug, 2021 by Sonu Saraf

Marriage can be a tedious task. And when mentioning marriage, I am not referring to the actual process but the efforts needed to reach that one auspicious day. People will talk about everything, but nobody will tell you the BTS struggle.

So today, in an attempt to make things a little bit easier, I am writing this blog for you to know your best and worst matches for marriage. I am looking at you Aquarians! So all those ready for marriage and looking for an Aquarius best match, here is the guide to make the most important decision of your life, worth a while.

First of all, the Aquarius zodiac symbol is represented by a water bearer which tells us that it provides something vital to support life. This is enough to understand their compulsive desire to help people. Apart from that, Aquarians are optimistic and empathetic, the qualities which make them the favorite person for anyone to be around or discuss the most sensitive issues of their lives.

But this is not the complete story. Aquarius natives are also the people who are emotional and hot-tempered. Also, although being very genuine, they usually struggle to compromise in various cases where the situation demands.

There is more that makes it difficult for some zodiac signs to get along with them, while it's like a cakewalk for some others. Let's see which zodiac signs are considered Aquarius' best and worst matches. We'll start with the best, obviously!

Best Match For Aquarius Woman And Man

The natives of Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius are considered the best matches for the Aquarius zodiac personality. But I believe merely saying this won't be enough to convince you. So I am taking it a step further to talk about each one of them individually.


When the natives of Aquarius and Gemini get together as a couple, things get interesting in ways that we cannot expect in a usual scenario. It is not easy for the Gemini natives to be with one person. This is because they tend to get bored quickly. But like with everything, there is a crack to it too. If their partner is intellectually stimulating, it feels like a new person every day. And do we not know about an Aquarian's capability to discuss things on a different tangent! Also, a Gemini native loves it when their Aquarian partner chooses not to interfere in their personal affairs and respects their individuality. These things accumulate over time and eventually give us a beautiful Aquarius and Gemini bond.


The natives of Libra and Aquarius have a lot of uncommon traits in their personalities. More than different, these are the exact opposites, especially when it comes to their social behavior. But this is the beauty of this relationship. And this is what works in their favor to make Libra the best partner for Aquarius. When the Aquarian is unwilling to adjust to the new social conditions, Libra balances it by reorganizing them as per the demand of the situation. And where an Aquarius is brutally honest about things, Libra natives handle the situation with their humble approach. They don't even mind sugar-coating things or using euphemism when they feel the need. The natives of Libra find it very attractive to be with exotic people, and when I say this, do you also imagine an Aquarian! Nothing can deny the fact that Libras make an Aquarius best match for marriage.


Unlike Libra, it's the shared mutual interests of Aquarians and Sagittarians that make their bond fascinating. Both these signs are emotionally self-sufficient. This is ironic because disturbances from their partner can put them off. They can be really impatient and insecure at times. When they do, the sight is not good! But coming from the same school of thought, they understand each other. Here, please understand, I am not saying they have identical behavior, but they have similarities that help them empathize with each other. And it's their differences that make them stick together, thus making Libras, an Aquarius perfect match. The Sagittarian is responsible for bringing fun and energy to their relationship. Whereas the Aquarian will make sure to hold on to it.

These are the three of all zodiac signs who make the Aquarius woman best match for marriage but that does not mean they don't make the Aquarius man best match for marriage. When we talk about them, it applies to the whole Aquarian community. But stay there folks! This is not the complete story! There's more to it yet.

So now, I'm going to tell you the three worst partners for Aquarius natives. For all of you getting impatient to know if your zodiac's name is on the list, I am mentioning the names right away. They are the natives of Cancer, Virgo, and Pisces who just cannot get along with the Aquarians, naturally.

Let’s see them individually.

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Worst Match for Aquarius Woman and Man


In the case of a Cancerian, the personality differences between the two zodiacs become the reason for clashes. Here the theory of 'opposites attract' is an absolute fail. This happens because when the Cancer native wants typical emotional support from their Aquarian partner, all they get is their intellectual base. This makes them feel that they are not being nurtured. This, although a good thing to expect in a relationship, contradicts Aquarians' need to be alone and on their own. Also, it is tough for an Aquarian to show their love, literally, this is something that the Cancer natives look forward to. All these things together make Cancer an Aquarius worst match to get married.


Virgo and Aquarius natives belong to the same social circle, both of them are intellectual, and they have common interests. Wondering if they have so much in common, then what puts a Virgo in the list of the worst match for Aquarius man and woman. Well, it's not what they desire, but more about how they approach to achieve it. Virgo natives are a little too particular about the materialistic details, which the Aquarians don't notice at all, forget ignoring them. It is more engaging and essential to look at the bigger picture for people belonging to the Aquarius zodiac. The petty issues become the reason for big problems in an Aquarius and Virgo marriage. Hence it is not recommended for them to get together.


Fighting on petty and inconsiderable issues in a relationship is more effort and energy-consuming than having other problems. This is because it's not possible to find concrete solutions for them. This is precisely the case in a Pisces and Aquarius relationship. Aquarians know and understand what is expected from them, and they ignore those expectations by choice. The natives of Pisces, on the other hand, usually stay on a higher realm above the material world away from the realities. This makes them uncomfortable to be with each other, especially when it comes to being called the Aquarius soulmate. Even worse, they don't realize this when they get together at first, but eventually, the problems become visible.

Final Thought on Aquarius Best and Worst Matches

So these are the zodiac signs that are at the bottom of the Aquarius compatibility list. The best thing is you now even know the reasons for them to be like that as well. But remember, it is not set in stone. In fact, exceptions can be found everywhere. If you are an Aquarian, wearing an Aquarius birthstone can make things better for you.

Also, it is highly recommended to take the personal advice from our astrologer for love to know how the whole thing will work for you as an individual. This happens because many times it's not just your zodiac that impacts your relationship with the other person, but your planetary positions and horoscope as well.

Once you are through with everything and have finally found the right person for yourself, another tedious task awaits you. It is to get an auspicious marriage muhurat. But even in this regard, we provide the most effective solutions.

I hope this blog helped you gain a better understanding of the best match for Aquarius man and woman and also about their opposite counterparts. So what are you waiting for! Talk to our expert astrologers and seal the deal for yourself!

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