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5 Common Marriage Problems That Astrology Can Solve

26 Nov, 2022 by Adrija Milan

5 Common Marriage Problems That Astrology Can Solve

26 Nov, 2022 by Adrija Milan

Marriage is a beautiful relationship, but when disagreements occur between spouses, this connection can occasionally cause problems for both of them. The first few months of marriage appear to be quite lovely and happy, but as time goes on, marital issues and conflicts arise that lead to frequent arguments between the couple.

You can change the state of your marriage to bring peace and happiness into your life with the help of astrology. By using online kundali matching, you can predict issues in your future and offer the necessary guidance to prevent marriage issues.

If these issues are not resolved at the right moment, the marriage may descend into civil war. Marriage astrology is helpful for those who are looking for marriage problem solutions. In this article, you will learn about a few marriage issues or marital problems that are commonly faced by people. 

5 common marital problems that can be solved with the help of astrology: 

Marriage is a very precious union that requires commitment from both partners. Astrology undoubtedly contributes to the strengthening of this connection. But each partner needs to understand that it is their responsibility to comprehend the other. One can only better grasp their partner's viewpoint and stop themselves from passing too much judgment if one put themselves in their shoes. We hope that this article will assist you in resolving any marriage issues and marital conflicts.


The first marital problem is also the most common one. Any married pair will occasionally experience misunderstandings or disagreements. But it is important to make an effort to identify the underlying reason for the misunderstanding. The most frequent causes of misunderstandings are different priorities and outlooks on life.

By researching and evaluating how planets, particularly Venus, affect each person's house positions, a balance can be achieved. Astrology can recommend a few marriage problem solutions to counteract the negative effects of these planets on each couple based on these readings.

marriage problems that astrology can solve

Financial Issues

Another major marriage problem is money. Things may spiral out of control more quickly than anticipated if there are financial difficulties. It may not look like it but bad financial can also cause a lot of stress in a marriage. But not to worry, Astrology has a few marriage problem solutions for this issue as well. Numerous financial solutions are also provided by astrology and Vastu Shastra for couples to use.

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Extra-Marital Affair

According to astrology, those who have a weak Jupiter are most inclined to engage in extramarital relations. This is also a very common occurring marital conflict and leaves the other person devastated. Couples should use astrological techniques to release Jupiter from Rahu or Mars in order to ensure the sanctity of their union. After consulting with a reputable astrologer, wearing yellow sapphire can also considerably strengthen each partner's Jupiter and promote intense love between lovers.

Problem With In-laws

A dispute with the in-laws is another marriage problem. It can also be settled through astrological methods. According to astrology, tension with in-laws has its roots in the 10th, 4th, and 9th houses, which are weaker. Astrologers offer suggestions for enhancing and bolstering these planets by analyzing the horoscopes of both partners. Married couples might entirely heal relations with their respective in-laws by adhering to the solutions.

Intimacy Problems

After a few years of marriage, many married couples find it challenging to maintain the same degree of closeness. This is where the next marriage problem comes into play. It can eventually lead to significant partner conflict and marital issues. According to astrology, rudraksha Abhishek is a tried-and-true method for eradicating any negativity and miscommunication between married couples. The most potent cosmic energy, Rudra, is invoked, dispelling all negativity and discord among married couples. Numerous remedies to your marital issues are provided by astrology. The holy basil herb, commonly known as tulsi, is also thought to improve marital ties. It keeps married couples bound to one another in love by being kept in the home and worshipped every day.

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