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Kundali Matching for marriage is extremely crucial to determine the compatibility of a couple before they tie the knot. With Online Kundali or Horoscope Matching at Anytime Astro, you can get an accurate Guna Milan score based on the ancient Ashatakoota method. Planning to get married? Enter the details of you and your partner to know the future of your marriage and your overall compatibility.


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Kundali Matching for marriage is a way that has been used since time immemorial to check the compatibility of a prospective couple to ensure a successful & happy marriage. Vedic Astrologers use the Ashtakoota Guna Milan method to find out how compatible the couple is before they get married.

Horoscope of two prospective individuals can be compared in two ways-

● Kundali Matching By Date of Birth and Time

● Kundali Matching By Name

Online Kundali Matching has made it convenient for people to match their respective Kundalis and get the most accurate Guna Milan score & analysis right at their fingertips. With Anytime Astro’s free Online Kundali Matching tool, all you have to do is give the details of you and your partner and get a detailed analysis of your Horoscopes, compatibility and Guna score within seconds.

Importance Of Gun Milan Or Kundli Milan

The planets and celestial bodies profoundly influence every individual's life. The heavenly bodies must complement each other when two people marry so as to ensure a peaceful, happy, and harmonious married life. During such times, Kundali matching plays a significant role.

Kundali Gun Milan

The 8 Gunas aka the Ashtakoota of the bride and groom are calculated with the help of a marriage matching calculator. The birth details of both individuals are necessary for the Kundli Gun Milan. Kundli Matching analyzes the Ashtakoota points of the bride and groom by name and date of birth to determine the fate of the marriage. The 8 Gunas are-

1. Varna- The Varna/ caste of the bride and groom is compared in this first guna. This aspect also sheds light on the mental or intellectual compatibility between them.

2. Vashya- This Gun helps in determining which out of the two individuals will be more controlling or dominating.

3. Tara- Tara or the birth star helps in determining the health quotient of a relationship.

4. Yoni- With the help of this Guna, the sexual compatibility of the bride and groom can be analyzed.

5. Graha Maitri- The mental and intellectual connection between the prospective couple can be determined with the help of Graha Maitri Guna.

6. Gana- A couple’s personality, attitude, approach towards the relationship, and attitude can be gauged by this Guna.

7. Bhakoot- Financial surplus and family welfare are predicted by the Bhakoot Guna after marriage. Using this Guna, a bride and groom can determine their career path too.

8. Nadi- Being the last Guna, the Nadi accounts for the highest points and therefore, it is considered one of the major Guna in the process of Kundli Milan. After marriage, it describes how the family is doing as a whole. This Guna is also responsible for determining childbirth and procreation. Additionally, if there is Nadi Dosha in the marriage, it may adversely affect the progeny aspect.

Table Of Ashtakoota

The table below shows the maximum score of all the 8 Gunas during Kundli Milan.
S.No. Koota Maximum Points
1 Varna 1
2 Vashya 2
3 Tara 3
4 Yoni 4
5 Graha Maitri 5
6 Gana 6
7 Bhakoot 7
8 Nadi 8

Kundali Matching and Mangal Dosha

If the guna score is above average in the Kundali Milan, it indicates a happy and prosperous married life. However, if some Doshas are found in either of the Kundli then this should be addressed and the right steps should be taken to mitigate the effects of any Dosha. If left ignored, then Astrologically it is believed that the couple is most likely to face hardships in their relationship ahead. Out of all the Doshas, Mangal Dosha is said to have an adverse effect on a couple’s marriage. Therefore, it becomes very essential to get rid of this Dosha from an individual’s Horoscope.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As per the Ashtakoota method, Guna Milan of a couple is done on the basis of their respective birth charts. The total of these Gunas is 36. So, the ideal score considered for a happy marriage is 24 out of 36. Guna Milan score below 18 is not considered viable for marriage.

Online Kundali Matching is as accurate as the conventional method of Kundali Matching by an experienced Astrologer. It gives accurate Horoscope matching results and that too within minutes. Online Kundali Matching by Anytime Astro is done using the birth details which is the most recommended method of Guna Milan in Astrology. And, here you can always call or chat with the best Astrologers to get more clarity and insights on the Kundali Matching report.

A low score in Kundali Matching indicates an unhappy & troubled married life. In case of a low Kundali Matching score, it is advisable to consult an expert Love & Relationship Astrologer for remedies and solutions.