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Have you finalized the person you wish to get married to and want to do the Kundali matching?

Do you want to check if the person with whom you are vibing well is compatible enough, as per astrology, to get married?

Before proceeding to marriage, which is a turning point for any individual, Kundali Milan is performed to ensure a good compatibility in the future between the couple. A compatibility score of 18 and above is usually considered auspicious for a successful marriage. However, gun milan should not be the only criteria to judge the forecast of marriage as planetary positions and their effect on compatibility are also significant factors. It is suggested the prospective couple gets the Kundali matching by name and date of birth details assessed further by expert astrologers to study if the aspects essential for great compatibility are matched well. So, let us find a general outline of the Kundli Milan for marriage and check the compatibility between couples.

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Anytime Astro is a premium online horoscope-matching site that can help you check Kundali Milan by name and date of birth. Here, the team of expert astrologers analyze the compatibility of both the partners and present accurate results based upon the Ashtakoots or eight categories considered to check the var vadhu gun milan.

So, what keeps you waiting, check your marriage compatibility by entering below the details of both partners, such as name, birth date, birth time, and birthplace for horoscope matching by date of birth.


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Kundali Matching Analysis

Got the Patrika Matching analysis, but not sure about what it means. Rest assured, connect with expert astrologers instantly over call or chat to ensure minute details about your compatibility and also receive recommendations to fix any issues that might hinder in marital life.

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Before you chat with the astrologers, you can also refer to the below details to learn more about the analysis given by the astrologers.

Guna Milan

The online Kundali Matchmaker for Marriage calculates the Ashtakootas, to check the compatibility between the couple. Let us know the meaning of the Ashtakoota in the Lagna patrika matching to get a clear idea about what these scores denote -

Koota Maximum Score Interpretation
Varna / Caste 1 Talks about the mental & intellectual compatibility between the bride and groom.
Vasya / Vashya 2 Determines who will be more dominating or controlling, among both partners
Tara / Birth Star 3 Determines how healthy a relationship can be.
Yoni 4 Denotes the sexual compatibility of the bride and groom.
Graha Maitri / Rasyadipati 5 Signifies the mental and intellectual bond between the couple.
Gana 6 Denotes the approach, personality & attitude towards the relationship of the couple.
Bhakoot 7 The career, financial status & family welfare after marriage can be predicted by this guna.
Nadi 8 Considered the most significant guna, it depicts how a family works as a whole. It is responsible for procreation and childbirth as well.
Total 36 -

Importance of Kundli Milan

Gun Milan by date of birth is a significant factor in predicting marriage compatibility by evaluating the shared qualities and characteristics of both partners. It considers the factors such as intellect, temperament, and spirituality based on the ancient texts. A high Gun Milan online suggests harmony and a strong foundation in marriage. However, it should not be considered the sole indicator of a successful marriage but definitely helps determine valuable insights to make an informed decision.

Now, let us know about the scores that make a couple compatible for marriage in the table below -

Score Obtained by Kundli Milan Result
18 or below Marriage is not recommended
18 to 24 Marriage is possible, but consult an astrologer before getting married
24 to 32 Successful Marriage
32 to 36 A match Made in Heaven

Online Kundali Matching Process (How it works?)

The process for Kundli Milan for marriage works as follows -

Step 1: Enter the details of both partners, such as their name, birthdate, birthplace, and birth time. Make sure you enter the correct details for an accurate Janam Kundli matching.

Step 2: The system will generate a horoscope matching for marriage based on the details provided.

Step 3: Gun Milan by name and other birth-related details are analyzed for both potential partners by the software. The compatibility score is generated based on eight factors, namely Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Graha Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot, and Nadi.

Step 4: Based on the scores of each guna, the compatibility gets calculated. The higher the score, the higher the compatibility, and vice versa. However, other factors are also considered while analyzing, which can be done by expert astrologers.

Step 5: The system then produces a detailed analysis concerning each factor and offers precautions or recommendations if required.

Step 6: It is recommended to consult expert astrologers for further clarifications and insights.

Benefits of Online Kundali Matching or Online Horoscope Matching

The online free kundali matching site provides the following benefits -

  • Check your compatibility anytime, anywhere! You no longer need to book an appointment with the astrologers when you can do online kundali matching for marriage.
  • Online kundli matching for marriage helps you save a lot of time and effort, as you don't need to travel to meet the astrologers traditionally in person.
  • Various online Kundali matching apps offer personalized consultation services, too, and give clarity on compatibility concerns.
  • The online Janam Patrika milan can deliver results in no time, which can present a great help considering arranged marriages.
  • The free kundali matching presents a detailed analysis of all the compatibility factors, thus helping to make informed decisions.
  • Even the best kundli matching apps seem more affordable than the customary methods, thus making them accessible to a wide range of populations.
  • Lesser chances of errors as online free kundali matching uses algorithms established to eliminate human biases and provide transparency.
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Finding the Right Partner Through Kundli Matching

The Hindu culture has always favored Kundali matching by date of birth to check the compatibility among the prospective partners. Let us explore the reasons why Kundli matching helps to find an ideal partner for having a successful and lasting marriage -

  • The temperament, health, financials, intellect, and family of partners can be evaluated by horoscope matching by name and other birth details.
  • In the Kundali Milan by date of birth, the eight vital aspects are evaluated by considering behavior, personality, and spirituality.
  • A higher gun milan means stronger compatibility and vice between the partners.
  • The Kundali matching by name and other birth details provides an analysis of more than just the compatibility score, such as the potential strengths and weaknesses.
  • Based on the results, one can consult astrologers to seek personalized guidance, yet clarifying concerns.

What to do if Janam Kundli Milan Score is Low?

The low compatibility score in the Janam Kundli Matching doesn't always mean the marriage cannot be a success. However, it is recommended that you follow the below-mentioned steps if you have a low compatibility score -

  • It is best to seek guidance from an expert astrologer and get a more detailed analysis. Also, try to get a second opinion from other astrologers.
  • Check out the doshas and get remedies to mitigate the impacts of these doshas.
  • Apart from the horoscope matching, always consider factors such as personal compatibility, goals, values, and mutual respect before tying the knot.
  • Discuss with your partner the Kundali Milan results and share your thoughts and the importance that you wish to give astrology.
  • Understanding and compromise between the couple with the help of astrology guidance can help overcome many challenges. Try communicating in areas where you score less and focus on strength areas, thus working on personal growth.
  • Not all marriages with a low marital score have an unsuccessful marriage life. Hence, a holistic compatibility is essential to assess your compatibility.

Kundali Matching and Related Doshas

As per Vedic astrology, some astrological combinations negatively influence the marital life of the couple. These conditions are known as doshas, which is also an integral part of astrology. Let us learn about the common doshas that might prevail in kundali milan by name and other birth-related details.

  • Mangal Dosha: Also known as Mars or Kuja Dosha, Mangal Dosha occurs when Mars is placed in specific positions in the birth chart. It creates conflicts and harms the marriage, hence, they should marry someone having similar dosha in their Kundali. Alternatively, they can talk to astrologers and conduct specific rituals.
  • Nadi Dosha: It is related to the genetic and physical compatibility of the couple. It occurs when the nadi of the couple is the same because such similarities bring conflicts and progeny issues in the marital relationship.
  • Bhakoot Dosha: Associated with the position of the Moon in the birth chart, Bhakoot dosha indicates a lack of emotional compatibility of partners and results in disharmony in couples.
  • Rajju Dosha: Based on the placement of the Moon in Nakshatra at the time of birth, the longevity of the marital life can be impacted, which can be a concern, as indicated by Rajju Dosha in Kundli Milan.
  • Gana Dosha: It is the dosha arising from the classification of three Ganas, namely, Deva Gana (divine), Manushya Gana (human), and Rakshasa Gana (demonic). When partners of different Ganas marry, they might raise potential conflicts in their lifestyles and values.

Difference between Kundali Matching by Date of Birth and Kundli Matching by Name

As per Vedic Astrology of the many Kundli Milan practices, the commonly followed practices for horoscope matching are Kundali Milan by date of birth and Kundali Milan by name. Let us learn about both to find the difference between their methods.

Kundali Matching by Date of Birth

It is the widely practiced and acknowledged method of Kundli Milan for marriage. This method involves comparing the birth charts of both prospective partners based on their birth-related information, such as birthdate, birthplace, and birth time, in addition to the names of the individuals. Then, astrologers study the houses, positions of planets, and the aspects in birth charts to determine the compatibility of both individuals. Not only the placement of important planets is taken into consideration, but also the doshas present in the horoscope matching are marked. Thus, the kundali matching presents a comprehensive assessment of all aspects of compatibility.

Kundli Matching by Name

Used less commonly, or as an alternative when birth details are missing, this method is preferred, which uses the numeric values of the names of the individuals instead of their birth details. The names of both individuals are first converted into numerical values based on the letters of the names and then assess the compatibility through mathematical calculations. This method focuses on the fact that the numerical values of the names impact the personality and compatibility of a person. This approach of Kundli Milan is considered a modern as well as an additional approach for Gun Milan analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

The results of the Janam Kundli matching depend upon the quality of the software used, the expertise of the astrologers, and the information provided by the individuals. The online free kundali milan follows the same principles as traditional methods and provides accurate results.

Of the total 36 gunas considered for Kundli Milan, a minimum of 18 gunas should match for a successful marriage. However, one should also consider that a high score might not be the sole determinant in deciding the marital life ahead.

Mangal dosha is generally considered inauspicious in horoscope matching, as its presence in the birth chart of any one individual leads to compatibility issues. However, in some situations, remedies can help to eliminate the negative impacts of Mangal dosha.

Compatibility and progeny issues are caused due to Nadi dosha. Hence, it is not advisable to ignore it during kundli milan. Though potential remedies can help negate its impact, the final decision should be taken considering other factors and after consulting with experienced astrologers.

Individuals should not just be dependent on a single test but consider all aspects while analyzing the horoscope matching. These aspects include Mangal Dosha, Nadi Dosha, Bhakoot Dosha, Guna Milan, etc. It is suggested to consider all aspects and consult an experienced astrologer for a holistic assessment.

It is totally a personal choice to marry by matching kundali or not. While many cultures follow Kundali milan as a traditional practice, it is not compulsory that a good compatibility score ensures a successful marriage. Hence, the decision depends totally on personal values, beliefs, and traditions.